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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning is a tedious task and the last thing a homeowner accomplishes on their to-do list. Be it, a company or residential building, a dirty, streaked and filthy window can make your home or company appear dilapidated, gross and unprofessional. As it typically involves the right equipment and ladder climbing, you need a professional team to help achieve a crystal clear and sparkly window. 
With Foster Cleaning Service, our window cleaning package will enhance your home/office beauty, with great light and airy ambience passing through.
Pass your dirty work on to us; whether it is spring cleaning, visit cleaning or regular window cleaning, we will clean your windows with care and pride in our workmanship. Let a professional show you the premium difference in having your windows cleaned by or by us.
We leave your windows squeaky-clean and streak-free. We take care of Window Interior& Exterior, Screen/Tracks/Sills cleaning.

Our Window Cleaning Process includes:

1.    Remove screens (Please make sure they can be removed from the outside if we are doing exterior window cleaning only)
2.    Wash screens to remove dust/dirt build-up 
3.    Wipe window tracks to remove light dust/debris build-up
4.    Scrubbing & washing the window pane with Professional Eco friendly Biodegradable soap.
5.    Squeegee the window to a streak free finish
6.    Edges & sills are wiped clean & dry
7.    Re-install screens
8.    Shoe protecting booties on the inside.

Interior and exterior window cleaning which includes a "wet cleaning" of the screens is usually $6 per window but could range from $6 - $30 per window depending on the size, type of windows, accessibility, condition, and frequency of cleaning.  Use the guide below to get a general ideal on the cost.   To get a exact cost give us a call or send a email to schedule a estimate. 

Window Types