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Fluff & Fold Laundry

Hate Doing Laundry?

We recognize how busy our customers can get with their everyday lives.  So why waste an afternoon washing, drying and folding your clothes when there is somebody else that can do it for you? At Foster Cleaning Service, we offer a valuable and convenient mobile laundry service, and it is charged by the pound at an affordable rate.  Our services are available to Residential and Commercial Customers.

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Laundry Service

Cost is $1.50 Per Pound Everything is weighed including clothes, linens, washed, dried, & folded.  Our service includes detergent, fabric softener, laundry bag, pickup, delivery, and a smile. Our minimum for pickup is 20 pounds.

If you were wondering what an average load of laundry weighs, just take a look at the Sample Weight Chart below.

Sample Laundry Weight Chart

Type of Garment 20 lbs 30 lbs
Jeans  4 Pair 5 Pair 
Shorts 2 Pair   3 Pair
Socks  8 Pair  9 Pair
Underwear 9 Pair   11 Pair
T-Shirts 6  7
Shirts  3  4
Towels  2
Set of Sheets  1 Set  1 Set


Commercial Clients

Are you a salon, yoga studio, restaurant or gym? Different businesses have different needs; we offer competitive rates and flexible options. Please call us for a quote.

Additional Laundry Services

Comforter (Twin/Double) $17.00

Comforter (Queen/King)  $21.00

Upcharge for Down  $6.00

Bedspread    $19.00

Blanket    $14.00


Ironing Services

Hand Press  - $1.60 per garment

Two piece suit - $10.95

Specialty Pressing/Steaming price determined on a per garment case. (Ruffles/lace or otherwise labor intensive $3.50, prom dresses, gowns, Curtain panels, etc $5-$10)